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Section 1: All About You

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This tool is free to use, but you will still need to pay government fees ($200 CAD for federal incorporation and between $0 - $336.40 CAD based on which province you register in).

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Section 2: Your Office

We will need some information on the head office and registered office which will determine the province you register in.
Note : Remember that corporate records are a matter of public record. If you choose your home address as your office, it will become public.
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Should annual return reminder notices and other general correspondence from Corporations Canada be sent to the Head Office?

Section 3: Mailing Address

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Section 4: Organization of the Corporation

This is where you provide us with information on individual directors. We ask that for each director you provide their residential address
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Section 5: General Information

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Provincial legislation requires you to register your corporation in each province and territory in which the corporation will conduct business.

You must register in the Province where your head office is located. You must have an actual address for this office.

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Section 6: Officers

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